Use Youmai Cloud tools to monitor follow-up sales

Follow-up monitoring effect After we set it up, in the background, how many people are currently following us, and what is the current price to get the buybox shopping cart. And we can click on the operation to observe whether the follow-up seller has carried out time-based follow-up selling: You can see the latest details, what is the store evaluation of the people who are currently following us, whether the following status is FBA or FBM, who is currently getting the shopping cart, and where was the last follow-up after the follow-up was withdrawn.

The packaging comes with its own logo

There are also mini programs through which we can get follow-up sales reminders: Three: How to fight back after encountering follow-up sales 1. Find the information of the seller and contact them by phone to solve the Phone Number List  problem Now that Amazon has made the store information public, we can see the contact information of the seller on the store homepage. Put the contact information on Qichacha and check it.

How to set up follow-up monitoring

 First open Youmai Cloud – Monitoring Management – ​​Follow-up Sales Monitoring, click  AZB Directory Configure Backend Stores, currently up to five can be configured: Set a message reminder. If there is a follow-up sale, you will receive a reminder immediately. It is also recommended to check the last four: New follow-up seller: If a new follow-up seller appears, a message reminder will appear. shelf: When we are performing specific operations, or in a time-based manner, when the follow-up selling time set by the follow-up seller ends, we will prompt the follow-up seller to take it off the shelf.

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