Knowledge of common issues

New technical issues. Can be introduced. Internal link structure could change. The domain name may change. The subdomain may change. The protocol may change. Any of the above can cause issues with your SEO. Multiple issues can multiply your SEO problems. Changing your website’s domain, hosting, CMS and architecture in one go? This will multiply the likelihood of SEO problems. Have this conversation with the team so you can balance the desire for change with the need to retain and improve organic traffic.

Things that typically can change

By clearly documenting what works. And planning for the DB to Data new website – you can’t. Rank for something that is no longer there! Common issues There are many reasons for a site redesign, and this can be as much to do. With branding and technology as it can be with traffic and lead generation.  or be problematic for SEO during a redesign include. Content can be removed. (It won’t rank if it is not there!). Content can be changed. Content may move within the site’s hierarchy. URLs may change. Page-level optimization may change.

Knowledge of common issues that crop

DB to Data

SEO and website redesign: The basics Maintaining (and ideally improving) your rankings and AZB Directory organic traffic during a redesign has three key components: An understanding of what works currently with your SEO.  up with a redesign. A detailed plan of what will change on the new site. My advice would always be to aim high. Don’t just try to retain traffic. Look to improve it. Research to understand both your SEO strengths and weaknesses. Let us look at each of these areas in more detail. What works currently If you are running SEO campaigns, you should (hopefully) have a good idea of what is working currently: keywords and topics that rank, pages that bring in organic traffic and any other organic visibility.

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