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However, I believe that building on something that is negative, and I think this is not only my perspective, makes no sense. This is a kind of manipulation, and it is inherently evil. What I encourage is courage and acting in a different way than everyone else, but without exceeding the boundaries of good taste. In order not to be forgotten, a brand must talk, tempt and constantly show that it is interesting. How to do this is, of course, up to marketers .

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However, when something is tasteless, it is simply inedible. MM: Here we move smoothly to the issue of the division, or perhaps the lack thereof, of PR and marketing. To what extent do these areas currently overlap, especially in the case New Zealand Phone Number Data of image crises – to what extent are their roles fluid when planning messages and reacting to them? OK: There are several theories – that PR and marketing function separately or that PR is part of marketing. However, above all, I believe that a company must be consistent at every level in what it says and what it does. Marketing is not just about a banner on the Internet or advertising in the press, although unfortunately many people see it that way.

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This is an absolutely key element from the point of view of selling the product, developing its functions and addressing the needs of the person who will use it. In turn, a PR specialist must  who he is talking to and how he is speaking. He is also a strategist and, above all, a customer advocate, regardless of how we define him. He is also a storyteller and AZB Directory reputation keeper. A good example of a well-told PR story about a product was The Frame TV campaign. TVs that look like… a painting. You can display various works of art, photos from museums and galleries. All in the comfort of your own home.



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