This is absolutely a path to nowhere

It was not in their stream. Communication is a bit like a game of chess – you don’t jump onto a square with a pawn because that’s what you have in mind for that particular move. The entire strategy should be well thought out and each move should be planned well in advance. Without a doubt, courage and no carbon copy are also needed in everything, and that’s probably why brands are testing and checking new fields. It happens that they are mined and it turns out that certain decisions should be made differently. To what extent is a modern PR specialist a communication specialist and to what extent is he an efficient marketer.

This is absolutely a path to nowhere

In communication, as in chess, a well-thought-out strategy is extremely important MM: However, if we look at it more broadly – keeping the above case in mind , but considering current brand communication in general – is the benefit in the Mexico Phone Number Data form of easy publicity and viral reach something that allows some people to forget about potential image losses? Don’t brands “incorporate” some risk into their activities and focus only on viral and reach benefits? OK: Let’s put it this way. I once attended a photography workshop with an outstanding figure in the world of photography – Tomasz Tomaszewski. Someone in the room asked him what it takes to take a good photo. The answer was very simple – courage, which I talked about in answer to your first question.

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This is absolutely a path to nowhere

And I think this is the essence of everything we do, literally summed up in one word. Without courage, there is nothing noticeable or talked about in the world of communication today. And efficient marketing means AZB Directory better sales and brand loyalty. Once, my former boss, an outstanding marketer – Jacek Balicki, said that in what we do – in marketing or PR, we have to be either the first or the biggest, otherwise the campaigns make no sense. Without going into details, I absolutely agree with this. There is a huge information noise on the market, so the question arises what to do to be noticed and remembered in a space where everyone is talking about everything.



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