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We are on the right track to improve it – and this is because of the data we have.” MM: So we smoothly moved on to the last question, which is a kind of looking into the crystal ball. I wanted to ask you about the future of this PR-marketing marriage – in the context of what you are talking about, i.e. hard quantitative data. Are we facing quantitative, hard PR? OK: I think that both PR and marketing will continue to move very strongly towards digital.

It’s not that only brands say something

And there is no turning back from this today for a very simple reason – digital is currently the main tool and communication channel. Although the role of traditional media, such as television, is constantly changing, we will continue to move in a digital direction. And it is in digital that I see the greatest potential for the marriage of marketing and PR. Today, PR people often Qatar Phone Number Data boast by saying: ” we had 300 mentions of our product .” Great, just a question – where and how was it written about? How many people have read this? Have you reached the end of the article? And most importantly, have they read our message? Or maybe also – how many people after reading this material bought our product through an affiliate link.

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They must, above all, listen today

Today we can measure many things and say: ” Okay, you had 300 mentions, but now: 290 of them were completely niche, 100,000 people read it and 50% of them had only negative reception .” And on the other hand, someone says: ” Look, I have 10 publications, but 500,000 readers and great comments.” And again, I can count it and see what and how recipients AZB Directory comment, what they like and what they don’t like. In addition, digital also gives us – communication specialists – the opportunity for customers to leave comments or add opinions, which is extremely valuable. These comments are very important to us. Today I can pick out this single piece of information and say: ” Wow, great comment, cool user, constructive criticism .” Yes – great comment even though the recipient was not favorable to us. Because what’s valuable is that he found something that we should improve. We can draw conclusions .



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