Cocoa shell is used to create biodegradable

The topic of biodegradable packaging continues to gain popularity, and bioplastics are increasingly   companies. Which are made from sustainable. Materials such as cocoa remains. This circular bioeconomy project is  out in . Esmeraldas Ecuador  scientists from the Institute of Subtropical and . Continue with the production of bioplastics . You may  Bioplastics for food and beverage packaging . From the waste of the cocoa shell, cocoa wrappers are with value. Where local women from the province of Ecuador are in producing it.

A sustainable project

It is said that global plastic production  million tons inof which  was  food packaging. The role of the bioeconomy in our society is fundamental to face the new challenges of a world  single-use plastics, which generate a great irreversible environmental impact,” comments . IHSM researcher . La Mayora Susana Guzmán. infopack Researchers from the Institute of Subtropical and . Horticulture “La Mayora”  from  Telegram Database Spain to Ecuador to look for an alternative. PhotoThis scenario shows that the issue of bioplastics is not only to gain popularity in the market, but to do good in the environmental impact , since many of the single- use plastics have petroleum derivatives and are a risk for health.

Telegram Database

Cocoa shell is sustainable

The researcher and her collaborators  to Ecuador to share their knowledge and demonstrate. How the cocoa remains they waste can have a second life by creating ecological wrappers for their own cocoa tablets. Cocoa producers are grateful for this work of offering sustainable solutions that provide .The cocoa shell represents around the community.  . Guzmán sees as a great AZB Directory  alternative to use the waste for bioplastic suitable for food . Packaging that will be  in the same women’s . Cooperative to wrap . The chocolate bars they make. cocoa The cocoa shell is already  to protect the soil and prevent fungi.

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