Project manager in a marketing agency

Manage tasks, terms, resources, expenses and specialists. Sound responsible enough? Yes, yes, and this is only part of the tasks of the Web promo project manager. In our agency, this specialist also accepts the result, is responsible for the work of each specialist. After which he goes to the client and arranges a presentation of the project. In general, the main task of the project is to satisfy the client, team and company. What is the role of a project manager in a marketing agency ?Therefor, A marketing agency collaborates with companies or individual clients – develops and implements marketing strategies and conducts advertising campaigns.

Some agencies specialize in certain

Email marketing search engine optimization; search marketing analytics and monitoring. Interaction with the Buy Bulk SMS Service media; event planning; protecting reputation in crisis situations; things like that. A marketing agency is a complex structure with employees with different backgrounds and lists of very different clients. How to find an approach to everyone and implement the project plan on time and without violating the budget? Business accounts will give you access to e-commerce features, fast promotion, and easy interaction with your audience. 

The agency employs a project manager

Web promo managers are the face of the company. They are primarily responsible for the results of our work and the business development of our clients and partners. 7 years ago, the permanent name of managers AZB Directory was Accounts; these were people who controlled balances in the Google Ads, Fb Ads, link exchange accounts, prepared reports and issued invoices. However, this approach has a significant drawback. The team had a low understanding of what needs to be done to develop the business of a particular client. The specialist achieves his own results in terms of traffic and conversions.  

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