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An example of this is our Employee Advocacy Tool, which we use to develop internal advocacy programs for marketing . Learn more about our engagement practices. Now we’re bringing the “Kudos” feature to the Powell intranet to further improve employee engagement through recognition . We recognizd the ned to add this feature to the intranet after having lengthy discussions with our customers who expressd a desire for their employees to be recognizd by their managers and peers. While it’s important to be recognizd by management, today’s employees also ned to be celebratd and seen by their peers.

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What is the Kudos feature and how does it work? The Kudos feature is standard on the Powell intranet and is available to current and whatsapp mobile number list prospective customers. It allows employees and managers to praise and congratulate each other for their achievements, whether it is good teamwork, a successful project or any other activity relatd to company life. The heads of digital communications or human resources determine the topics for which employees can be praisd.

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Users can then select the “Kudos” topic and send it to a specific person. Give Kudos to Colleagues To create a deeper connection between AZB Directory colleagues and boost morale , we’ve addd a way. Messages can be personalizd when sending kudos. For example, Linda from Sales congratulates Marc on his excellent teamwork on his latest marketing project. He has shown a fantastic ability to keep the spirits high among team members . Marc receives a personalizd message from Linda in Microsoft Teams.



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