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Their influence extends not only to the technological environment. With the explosion of remote work in 2020, this has become particularly evident. The boundaries around the digital workplace have never been as fluid as they are today. Technology is no longer a standalone aspect of the employee experience, but is deeply integratd into every step of the process. Why employee experience matters in the digital workplace If your organization is struggling in areas like digital transformation and employee engagement.

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The missing piece of the puzzle could be an employee experience strategy. CIO Magazine calls them “the linchpin of digital transformation,” citing data linking better employee experiences to more successful digital adaptation. As we have phone number list already discussd , digital transformation is a human-centric process. Any digital initiative that doesn’t prioritize the employee experience is likely to end up with poor adoption. The link between employee experience and employee engagement should also be clear. However, the Harvard Business Review study found that only 6% of companies are investing in all three areas of employee experience.

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However, those who do have higher overall profitability, better productivity, and happier employees. They are also 28 times more likely AZB Directory to be includd in Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies list and 11 times more likely to be includd in Glassdoor ‘s Best Places to Work list, 5 times higher. 3 benefits of a digital employee experience strategy Employee experience is an important tool that helps drive internal initiatives such as digital transformation and engagement.

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