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Your reports will become faster to create and easier. To analyze and communicate important data. They will prove useful in everyday work in e-commerce or domain. In Poland we have been able to use this tool since 2019. The activity report tool has gain a lot of fans since then. Why its main advantage is a simple interface that allows you to create clear French Polynesia B2B List reports with various charts and indicators Ability to use different data sources in a report. The possibility to download all or select pages of the report for teamwork on the report is finally available for free. Where You Can Import Data You can create reports in. Google Analytics by download data from Google Ads Google Search Console Google Sheets Big Query Statistics.

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Data import As I already mention you can combine different. data sources in one report. Are you prepar reports on campaigns? Add the most important data such as impressions, clicks, average, conversions AZB Directory in the form of. Aggregate statistics but not limit to. Google Ads. Download data from and display a table with an overview of all traffic. This way you will mark what percentage of the total website traffic comes from your paid activity. You can map tables from or add the data you care about most. Google Ads Google Analytics data about active ad group keywords or best sell products should be present us a table with a heatmap.

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