What is Brand Awareness: a definition

In this article we will see how, starting from minimum requirements of familiarity and recognisability , the definition of brand awareness has been progressively articulated so as to reflect the growing complexity of brand-consumer dynamics in a context, like the current one, characterized by mass digitalisation. Going through related but significantly different notions such as ” brand equity ” and ” branding “, we will try to explain how a company can today build “self-awareness”, presenting itself on the market with a clear and coherent identity and offering itself to its public in dual role of interlocutor and travel companion. Ebook – Marketing of 2022. Data at the center of trends and strategies

Brand awareness: a complex

Constantly evolving definition according to hubspot, brand awareness expresses the degree of. Familiarity of the target audience with a brand . It therefore refers to the probability that customers (or potential customers) remember or recognize the brand, or even. Simply, that they know that that brand exists. Brand awareness is the awareness of a certain brand. Which is Lebanon Telegram Number Data activated, more or less immediately, when we hear the name of a brand. See it represented through the forms that define its visual identity (first of all with the logo) or we identify him as the author and sender of a certain message system .

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A linear understandable

Almost literal definition. Easy, right? Well, no. At least not always and not completely. Brand awareness is such a pervasive concept that it deserves to be explored in depth . Among the many contributions that in the academic or professional. Field have given their Lebanon Phone Number List contribution to enriching and making the definition of brand awareness current. We have chosen to focus on two in particular, that of kevin keller and that of david aaker, because they insert, perhaps better than others. Brand awareness within an overall marketing strategy. Infographic – inbound marketing: how to find customers in the times of the digital revolution brand awareness. Kevin keller’s definition as a synthesis between memory and recognition.

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