The definition of brand awareness according

According to Aaker, brand awareness is one of the necessary steps to build brand equity , a vast and all-encompassing concept which includes, and specifies, that of brand awareness and fixes the final result of the branding process in a sort of snapshot of the brand’s destiny. But let’s go in order. What does “brand equity” mean? What does “branding” mean? Brand equity refers to the perceived value of the brand by its customers . It is a combination of sensation , experience and opinion . Brand equity can be positive or negative, based on the judgment that customers develop regarding the set of methods of representation, expression and use practiced by the brand.

This judgment does not remain

confined to an ideal level but has an immediate impact on the reality of consumer use and therefore on conversions and sales. Branding is the entire process of giving meaning to an organization, a company, and a product or service . It is the set of actions – direct and indirect – that create and shape the mental image that consumers have of the brand. It is therefore a strategy designed and Malaysia Telegram Number Data deployed to help people quickly identify and experience the brand , which aims to formulate a concrete reason that pushes them to choose certain products or services, overcoming the competition, first of all clarifying what it is – and what it is not. it is – the brand itself.

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The objective of the branding

Process is to attract and retain customers and stakeholders. Offering them a product that is always in line with what the brand promises. Paraphrasing the words of two sacred monsters of marketing: branding is the set of actions. Through which products and services are invested Mexico Phone Number List with the power of a brand (kotler & keller, 2015). According to david aaker, a company builds its brand equity by tackling. Three somewhat parallel paths that aim to develop brand loyalty. Brand awareness and brand associations respectively . These paths – which correspond to as many sets of tactical action. Transform branding into a story with multiple alternatives.

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