What is Real Time marketing?

The statement is less transparent than it seems: if we want to establish what real time marketing is, saying that real. Time marketing is based on data” may not be enough. We could be induced – because driven by urgency. To make this definition coincide with a banal reading of the daily news. The question is much more complex and full of nuances. We opened this series of articles by giving a definition of brand awareness . Now we continue by explaining what real time marketing is . With the expression “real time marketing” we are not referring to the generic quickness of mind of the marketer. Who translates his intuition about a certain event into a fortunate extemporaneous impulse.

It’s not about riding the wave”

Cannibalizing current events, often clumsily. To Laos Telegram Number Data create initiatives “in line with the times”. But what is real time marketing? Rather, it allows you to have access to the information structure of a phenomenon or trend while this trend and event happens . Ebook – marketing of 2022. Data at the center of trends and strategies what is real time marketing and. How to adapt to the new normal the development of techniques and tools specific to real time marketing became possible – and quickly became necessary. When one of the companies’ priorities was to valorise the enormous. Amount of data that is produced and distributed online every second .

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The increase in digital interactions

Has in fact taken on – and is now a widely recognized fact – an astonishing dimension. In the last two years, in particular. Also as a consequence of the Latvia Phone Number List acceleration imposed by the pandemic on digital transformation, we have witnessed an explosion in the volume of transactions carried out in e-commerce . According to capgemini. Annual commercial sales grew by 27.6%, representing 18% of all global retail sales in 2020 (for a total value of $4.28 trillion). The pursuit of a “new normality.  Continually to be renegotiated in light of rapid changes in consumer habits – has made a typical characteristic of real time marketing even more evident: its ability to adapt. In real time, to a changing context. Evolution .

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