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Us by our brand or our company. And where is it in the Content Matrix to see if what we have done or are doing is appropriate or not? to be adapt to be more efficient Try to compare with competitors in the same business that What kind of content formats are competitors using to market or promote their brands? This will be a good reference for content planning. Brainstorm with teams involv in shaping future content formats and types. to prepare for creating content suitable for target customers Then take what we review from the first step.

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Let’s choose the right content format and Iran WhatsApp Number List start planning for content creation. The content that is made should also be content that attracts people’s attention. Although we can see the difference in business types. and suitable content formats But it’s not that B C businesses can’t use the content format that B B can use. For example, if our brand is a water purifier brand, customers must want to search for information. Product advantages product origin which can be present in the form of an interesting article about water or other perspectives Therefore, we should stick to the marketing objectives and target groups.

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A adapt appropriately for maximum AZB Directory benefits Brand Content is one of the marketing methods us during the period of continuous saturation of marketing communications. Because the target audience or customers receive too much information from various channels (Overwhelm), causing borom to the point of blocking ads or skipping those ads. Therefore, doing pure advertising as in the past It has become something that is not suitable for this era. The consumer group or consumers are not comfortable with hard sell advertising, causing brands to find new ways to connect with their target audience.

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