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Fe Ads are ads display in News Fe on social mia such as Facebook, Twitter. Search & Promoting List or display ads in the Google Search top section or sidebar. Content Recommendations or content recommendations that appear at the end of the article you just finish reading. Why are more and more marketers turning to Native Advertising? Readers are tir of hard selling ads. Readers are interest in useful content. more than normal advertising It can increase the demand for more products or services. Native Advertising can include beautiful illustrations that are relevant to the content.

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A it also results in the desire to buy products or services. Native Advertising can help promote a good image for a brand. or looking at another Nigeria WhatsApp Number List angle The ability for brands to create content that meets the nes of customers Before focusing on selling things like before make readers feel more relax and likable Although customers know that Native Advertising is a form of advertising. But it didn’t result in dislike. This is the information obtain from research from Stanford University ever. For marketers, Native Advertising is an interesting way to create new and exciting content.

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Brand Content is one of the marketing AZB Directory methods us during the period of continuous saturation of marketing communications. Because the target audience or customers receive too much information from various channels (Overwhelm), causing borom to the point of blocking ads or skipping those ads. Therefore, doing pure advertising as in the past It has become something that is not suitable for this era. The consumer group or consumers are not comfortable with hard sell advertising, causing brands to find new ways to connect with their target audience. to communicate the value of the brand until it.

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