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Entertainment, and more. In correlation analysis, a higher value indicates a stronger relationship between the two variables, while a value closer to zero signifies a weaker relationship. In the context of our analysis, where the goal is to achieve the top rank, an ideal score is -1. This means that as the Outdoor Sports number of backlinks increases, the ranking “decreases” or moves closer to the number one position. Here are the takeaways from the data: No keyword grouping or individual keyword was greater than -0.4. This means no data set was super highly correlated. There were keywords and groups that, when the number of links increased, rankings actually decreased (these would be positive correlations given the rank numbers get higher).

However again nothing was

Greater than 0.4. The highest correlation groupings were Outdoor and Sports and Health and Wellness. The groupings where links drove a decrease in rank were Home and. Kitchen and Philippines Mobile Number List Ecommerce and. Online Services. Image 36 At a keyword level, “fisherman beanie” and “oat milk” showed the greatest correlation, while “MLB fitted hats” and “acrylic nails” were the lowest. (The graph below that shows the keyword level only graphs the top and bottom five.) Google is launching a new Google.

Maps search results interface

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That brings to focus the photos that are associated with Google Business Profile listings. Google is calling this a “photo-first” search result listing interface that is going live this week in France, Germany, Japan, the U.K. and the U.S.. What it looks like. You can see from the GIF below that the search results Taiwan Phone Number List in the Google Maps listings show photos above the other parts of the listing, like the company name, star reviews, address, phone number and more details. Photos here are coming first. Here is that GIF: Google Maps Photos First Why photo-first. Google said when it comes to some local searches, searchers want to see photos of the food, the attractions, the venue and more. Google wrote, “you’ll soon see better-organized search results to spark your imagination.” “Thematic results for activities and dining roll out globally on Android and iOS in the coming weeks,” Google added.

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