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A information type of content to read? It will allow us to create suitable content and reach the real nes of our customers. Choose the content format you want. There are many types of content. Each type has a different purpose of style and communication. The content must be creat from the basis of the organization’s marketing objectives. By content format, there is a tool call Content Matrix that helps us to choose the right content format. To find out the importance that customers are looking for first. that chang from looking at safety to be convenient and fast in using the service Reveal your true love.

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Neuromarketing can reveal the preferences Kenya WhatsApp Number List of consumers that are hidden in their hearts For example, making a focus group by allowing the sample to view an ad for a product. that proce with the story by means of teasing people or prank, and most of the sample answer that they did not like advertisements in this manner But the brainwave test reveal that they lik the ad. Best website design and build Neuromarketing Aim at increasing the percentage of visitors to the website and the actions that take place on the website.

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Since the color scheme us face design AZB Directory Using text, logos, adding columns or features such as bringing customer interviews. bringing various reviews Bringing certificates from various agencies Bringing social mia icons or effects to use on the website to make the website interesting It can also create cribility. And the engagement of your website with customers who visit. Neuromarketing It’s a profound process, it’s about finding consumer insight, but it goes down to the subconscious level. The process is more complicat. When looking at the budget for using the process of Neuromarketing.

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