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He presents a case study of a company where he ran a promotion on the Internet and how it turn out. He defines the next steps in plann campaigns, start from research the industry and obtain information about the products be sold, through proper campaign build. Ensur that the website is well optimiz in terms of aspects, and finally generat proper revenue. This translates into an increase in revenue. The third speaker of the conference report e-commerce is. He talk about the possibility of us the service for online stores. The search engine has given other price comparison sites the chance to use product ads after the European Commission fin Google. Due to this method advertisers can get better results in auctions and get customers with better price per click. After the break in the report ł introduc the report in.

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She shows several ways to create dashboards to report work progress to clients. An interest fact is the ability to create animat charts and use tools to better collect and present data. Semi-mandatory activities talk about mandatory activities. He offers a complete Congo-Brazzaville B2B List set of recommendations that experts should follow to achieve better results in website target. He points to, among other ths, changes in Google’s search engine. Which is increasly able to understand users’ intent better and recommend phrases that better meet their expectations. For example, if a woman types the word shoes into a search engine Google will display women’s shoes above the shoe category.

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Open an online store in Germany tells the secrets of the German AZB Directory e-commerce market. He drew attention to its organization and present the differences between the Polish markets. He raises the issue of legal restrictions applicable to people runn their own business. Delivery methods for goods sold and payment methods. It is worth add that this German client is very critical and aware of his rights.

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