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Experience management, it was found that the importance of the customer experience to the business is the top priority for everyone. More than % show the importance of a promising consumer experience to modern businesses. Mainly Emotional According to a study by the Journal of Customer Research, more than % of experiences are emotional. that stimulate attitudes towards decision-making Customers become customers who are loyal to the brand (Loyalty) because they have an emotional attachment (Emotional Attach) that makes them feel and feel our products and services.

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If any business can create an emotional Belize B2B List bond, it can generate up to % more sales opportunity compar to competitors. I have read a research article that presents the interpretation of brands that Gen Y or people born in the years – like by surveying more than , samples in European countries. By asking about the factors that make consumers like the brand. which has given samples of types of brands: clothing brands, mobile phone brands, and snack brands (such as chocolates and candy) by being ask to write a story of impressions and likes of the brand with a limit of characters.

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Let’s look at factors that make brands AZB Directory favor by Gen Y. What’s that? Cool Brand Coolness _ Making a brand cool is an important starting point for linking passion between brands and customers. Examples of definitions of cool for Gen Y that have been research from a sample group of different personalities and age ranges are fun, modern, unique, exciting, hip, luxurious, new options. including doing somethinguncon ventional, words, or personality express by the brand itself. or from people who use that brand It can be divid into types, which are: modernity expression of high status clean reputation success creativity fun Cheerfulness stylish is constantly changing have luxury have a clear stand honest.

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