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Becomes looking at beauty lessTo test this hypothesis, Dove hir Gil Zamora, an FBI forensic scientist train in facial sketches, to draw the first portrait bas on the women’s facial descriptions. Seat behind a curtain, Gil Zamora didn’t see the faces of those women. and had people who knew those women explain their appearance to Gil Zamora. You Are More Beautiful Than You Think A picture of him describing himself (left) A picture of his friend describing him (right) As a result, it turns out that the pictures that the person.

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Describ mostly show their own Oman WhatsApp Number List disadvantages, such as a big chin, big forehead, big cheekbones, so the pictures that come out don’t look beautiful. Compar to the other picture that the friend describ, the appearance turn out to be more beautiful than what he describ. Shows that people tend to see themselves as unattractive to the point of lacking confidence. But in fact, you’re more beautiful than you think. “You’re think” After the release of this campaign, just days, it has reach million views and continues to do so.

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You see, creating Brand Content is about telling stories that connect with consumers that create emotional impact. and connect to create AZB Directory a close relationship And feel good about the brand that is more than traditional marketing that only has regular advertising.Making content or content (Content) is the most important thing in marketing in this era. No matter how many brands have good products or services. How much good content is there, but if able to create the right content format to communicate with the right target audience? It may waste time and budget in marketing. Using a tool call Content Matrix can help us see the appropriateness of content formats.

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