What is a Crypto Mixer

Stories that transactions in currencies are completely anonymous are only partly true. Bitcoin addresses can (albeit to a certain extent) be traced and linked to real individuals. This risks investors having their personal information exposed  What is a Crypto Mixer and their account transactions potentially being monitored. This is where a mixer or tumbler comes into the picture, innovative tools designed to provide privacy and anonymity to users in various circumstances.

How to buy Bitcoin Anonymously

To register on such platforms, you must provide an WhatsApp Number List email address. The system will send a link to it confirming registration. How to buy anonymously? Specify a  wallet in the system settings. For example, you Mixer? can register an anonymous address on decentralized exchanges. Another option is cold (hardware)  wallets. Let us remind you that this option for storing currency is the safest.

Through a exchange

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Some decentralized and centralized AZB Directory exchanges, despite pressure from regulators, still offer tools with which you can buy bitcoins anonymously. Previously, there was a list of trading platforms and registration, which does not imply de-anonymization. At the same time, market analysis showed that most exchanges Mixer limit anonymous users in the volume of transactions. Some trading platforms also block unverified accounts from accessing several services.

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