Garmin Epix gen 2 review The best Garmin sports watch

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Pros that sport features like an AMOLED touch screen. Full color international maps. Therefor .Disadvantages Too expensive ButtonGarmin Epix gen 2 reviewtravel can feel inconsistent Battery life is much worse than the Fenix ​​range. The Garmin Epix (2nd generation) is a perfect hybrid at no cost. Fenix ​​​​7 and Venu 2 Plus . That is, it takes the robust features and design of the Fenix ​​range and pairs them with one of the brightest and most colorful AMOLED displays that debuted on the Venu range.

Garmin Epix gen 2 review What do you get

The only choice you have is between the Epix in black. Titanium with C Level Executive List sapphire (£900) and the cheaper. Steel model.  Therefore,If you want a leather strap, this will cost you another £100 with the black titanium . with sapphire and chestnut. Leather band (£1,000) the most expensive in the range. The 1.3-inch 416 x 416 pixel AMOLED display is definitely the Epix’s standout feature and the reason to buy it over the Fenix 7. It is bright, colorful, sharp and beautifu .

While I’ve never had an issue with reviewGarmin Epix gen 2

While I’ve never had an issue with the 5-button. System that Garmin uses on its rugged outdoor watche . There’s no doubt that the touchscreen is one of the best additions . Therefore,Tto the Epix (and indeed the Fenix 7). Interacting with clock. widgets throughAZB Directory swipes and taps feels more natural.  Than multiple button presses, and this is especially .True when using maps. buy it over the Fenix 7. It is bright, colorful, sharp and beautifu.

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