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Sempai Merchant nominat for e-Commerce Polska Awards Julia Stepaniuk August. You will read in ~ min. Sempai Merchant nominat for Commerce Polska Awards. We are on the shortlist of the tenth jubilee ition of e-Commerce Polska awards. Our proprietary technology for increasing the effectiveness of product ads on Google and Facebook – Sempai Merchant – will compete for the title of Best tool for e-commerce with Allegro Pay, Blik, Ergonode PIM and inPost Mobile. E-Commerce Polska Awards is the most important competition for the domestic e-commerce industry. in the area of ​​e-commerce made it to the finals of the event organiz by the Chamber of Electronic Economy.

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We were nominat in the “Best tool for e-commerce” category for Sempai Merchant . This is a very important distinction for us. For the first time we were notic by the e-Commerce Polska awards jury, consisting of Polish e-business authorities. I am proud of the entire team consisting of SEM and IT specialists Latest Mailing Database who creat this functionalecosystem for advertising – says Sebastian Suma, CEO of Sempai. The award in the form of a nomination makes us all the more happy, because – as the organizers emphasize – this year’s ition has gone down in the history of the competition, as a record in terms of the number of applications and in terms.

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Of categories and areas of e-commerce that have gain particular popularity this year. We will find out whether we will stand on the podium on September during the Gala of the Decade. What is Sempai Merchant ? It’s a comprehensive service tha  gives you an ge in key elements of your campaign. The main advantages of our tool are automation and making it easier for specialists to control campaigns bas on machine learning. The tool we creat currently supports sales campaigns for over e-shops, achieving over PLN million of additional revenue for our clients every month . Its potential is notic AZB Directory not only by e-businesses with which we cooperate.

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