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We recommend Internal and external employer branding – or is it an outdate division? The most common mistakes Despite simple rules on how to write a press release, most of them are not read by journalists today. Often they are done correctly, and yet they do not encourage. It can be a mistake to send press releases too often and build them around trivial topics. Sometimes the topic from the point of view of journalists is completely irrelevant. It would help if the author put the event in a broader context or referre to a trend.

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Then the content of such a message can be use in a business report or lifestyle article, and not just in an industry note. Of course, it goes without saying that substantive, spelling errors or lack of formatting also discourage a press release. Where to send a Latest Mailing Database press release? A great press release isn’t everything! Beginner PR people sometimes end up writing it and publishing it on the company’s website. Indee, having your own press office is a good idea, because it allows you to provide fresh information and control what gets into the meia. But if you stop there, you’re relying on the journalists themselves for channels to reach your audience press release.

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It is better to reach intereste parties yourself than to expect them to visit the press office on the website. The basis should be an appropriate database of people intereste in the topic: on the website you can create a simple form for subscribing to AZB Directory the newsletter or adding journalists intereste in the topic to the database. Make a list or use existing PR lists of industry meia and key contacts. Think if, apart from the press, you will also nee contact with bloggers , Youtubers or influencers . It is possible that some readers get their information from them. Some blogs have already outgrown the professionalism and popularity of the traditional press.

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