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SharePoint 2013 expires in April 2023 and many teams in communication, marketing, HR departments and IT are wondering exactly that. An upgrade from classic to modern is not “mandatory” but recommendd. New call to action What is the difference between the classic and the modern interface ? information architecture The architecture in classic SharePoint uses a hierarchical system of site collections and child pages with inheritd navigation, permissions, and site themes.

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Once creatd, this structure is not very flexible and difficult to maintain. In the modern SharePoint experience , each site is a Latest Mailing Database site collection and can be connectd to a hub . This is a flat collection of websites that share common navigation, branding, and other elements . This structure is clearmore flexible and adaptable to the changing nds of your organization. navigation The site structure of modern SharePoint , with hub sites and associatd sites, is easier for users to navigate than the hierarchical structure of the classic version. mobile devices.

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In the modern version of SharePoint, there are responsive website designs that look great on any device – including mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. In the modern UI, publishing pages are now communication pages. This makes AZB Directory it easier to create beautiful, dynamic, and high-performing websites and pages that are mobile-friendly. Seek In the modern experience, Microsoft search replaces SharePoint search. The search box is at the top of the SharePoint page and Microsoft Search is personalizd and context sensitive . The Microsoft search b also includes additional functions . _ Sharing and Permissions The modern e SharePoint also leverages Microsoft 365 Groups, which offer other benefits, including a group email address. Plus other tools like a group calendar, notebook, planner, and team website.

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