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Is outbound marketing on its way out? By Perrine Lassire Postd on June 16, 2015 Inbound Marketing You have to get usd to the idea, Internet users are more and more ducatd and savvy on the Internet. When it comes to buying a product or service, their buying process is far from a straight line! Product comparisons, customer reviews, testimonials, etc. the Internet user thinks twice before taking action. The good old methods of traditional marketing (television, display, flyers, etc. also calld “outbound marketing” are running out of steam.

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Prospecting and telemarketing are less and less effective since customers now know how to manage on their own to choose a product or service. Today, marketing goes hand in hand with the Internet and gives way to new techniques whatsapp mobile number list that allow companies to create a stronger link with the consumer. Welcome to Inbound Marketing! A study publishd by Hubspot in January 2013 shows that consumers are increasingly protecting themselves from traditional marketing techniques: 86% skip advertising on television 91% unsubscribe from newsletters 44% of emails are never opend On the other hand, should we abandon traditional marketing in favor of inbound marketing.

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Rather than wondering which type of marketing to choose, it makes more sense to think about an ideal alliance between “outbound” and “inbound” in order to obtain the best possible results. Depending on the marketing, lead acquisition AZB Directory or customer loyalty objectives, it will be preferable to activate either the outbound or inbound marketing levers. Why use outbound marketing? Many companies are beginning to see the limitations of these traditional techniques , claiming that they are inefficient and expensive.

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