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Peoe were attach to a specific company, to its location, to the services they provide or products. Over time, however, the power of interpersonal relationships began to be notic, and the quality of customer service represent by a specific person was a sensation. Just a dozen or so years ago, the functioning of an organization or customer acquisition was govern by different laws. My job in sales is the boss’s strong emphasis on telemarketing. I was on the phone for hours looking for peoe willing to buy our products. But that’s when I discover something else.

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Once I manag to “catch” the client enough to meet me in person at the office, all the magic began. I got to know these peoe, talk to them, got to know their expectations, nes and dreams. Then I tri to adjust the offer in such a way that all the small elements they  car about became real. I made their fantasies and dreams come Latest Mailing Database true. What was I selling in practice? Language courses abroad. But not just any courses. The client (CEO of a large organization), apart from learning German, want to ay tennis with someone in a similar position as part of networking. Done. Mother and daughter trip to Paris for French lessons combin with time for shopping.

Latest Mailing Database

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Done! Preparing to pass an advanc certificate at New York College? Of course we will! After a few months of work, I could enjoy one of the best sales results in the company. Why? Firstly, because I listen, because I talk, and after a few positive transactions, I reli on the power of recommendations. But then I didn’t understand it as much as I do now. mia was not thought of, apart from Grono. net or MySpace. Probably, if I had a Facebook or LinkIn account at AZB Directory the time and knew how to use it, I would gladly share my experience relat to my work and look for clients there as well.

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