This is how we lived more than 2 continuous

This event served as a setting for the meeting of the most important experts. Professionals and specialists in the international arena. For the dissemination of new knowledge in the digital. And creative industry of unconventional marketing. We virtually This is how we lived more than 2 continuous had great exponents of the digital sector. Digital marketing project directors SEO. SEM automations and more digital strategies and channels for commercial optimization. Where they shared their knowledge and experience in digital work and projects with small. Medium and large international industries. It should be noted that this event. Which featured the participation of several of the most important speakers in the SEO industry. Had a monumental reception for the second consecutive year. 

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The generated a space for conversation and cooperation between experts and lovers of Digital Marketing and SEO, around new solutions, good business practices, new challenges, ventures, creative developments and latest trends in Phone Number Data the sector, which allow promoting and connecting the economy based on digital at the local, national and international level. Comparing it with figures from the first version of this event, had a growth of 66% in just two days, which encourages the creators and sponsors of the event to continue supporting this type of professional and educational initiatives.

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