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Risks of bad events in the future. So that you can quickly plan to deal with it. track competitors In addition to recognizing what customers are saying about your brand, You can also get to know what other people are talking about your competitors. This is important information that you will use in business and marketing planning, such as new product launch plans. or conducting various marketing campaigns in order to monitor and adjust the plan to be able to compete with competitors in time Find customer problems (Pain point) It’s not just about listening, but in a good way that customers talk about your brand.

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More importantly, it is listening to Ecuador Email List what is not good for customers, which is useful information for improving products or services. and may include a marketing team to communicate more appropriately with customers. You may get new creative ideas for product development or good marketing campaigns from customer problems. Opportunity to generate new sales Social listening will help you build a better relationship with your customers for better sales opportunities. This is not always the case when you can only offer your products and try to get customers to buy. But sometimes providing other useful information to customers can lead to unexpect future sales. Get to know new influencers and sponsors.

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If someone speaks positively about AZB Directory you and your brand all the time. This means that the person is important and can be a spokesperson for public relations that you should maintain a good relationship with. and look for opportunities to work in the future Listening to opinions or social voices will help build a strong relationship between brands and customers. And can also develop products and services under.

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