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With over WhatsApp is actually made for communicating between friends and family. And it start to become a widely us business communication application. With this in mind, business by allowing businesses to create their own profiles. To offer after-sales service to customers Including various trading status updates For small to large businesses. WeChat WeChat Logo WeChat is a platform born out of a messaging platform, like. WhatsApp and Messenger, and also works alongside the QQ platform, in addition to messaging, calls and even online shopping and offline payments, money transfers, booking transactions. It is known as one of the most popular all-in-one communication applications in China.

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A if anyone is doing business with China Bhutan Email List or communicating with Chinese people, WeChat is consider the most suitable answer because of social mia. The world’s number one mia, in China. In total, it is us by more than billion people worldwide. Instagram Instagram debut with a unique feature as a social networking platform. by sharing pictures, videos, telling stories and live video format By the person who uses it, it will show pictures of daily life. Photographs about lifestyle, dress, and beautiful travel destinations through the application.

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A can also decorate images through AZB Directory the application with image iting filters In addition, users can easily share to other social mia such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, where Instagram has become completely own by Facebook. This will include a statistical analysis of each post you post. Currently, it has more than billion users worldwide. Twitter Twitter Logo Twitter stands out for sharing information in areas such as entertainment news, sports, politics and many more. with more than million monthly users worldwide What makes Twitter different from social mia? The other mia is real-time fresh news.

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