The announcement date will take place around mid September

The Q, and the first image of it, along with some specifications. Have surfaced online. Therefore, Millions recently revealed¬† camera with an improved sensor to take on the Sony RX1-series. The device was said to be official soon. This seems to be the case. Therefore, as the first specifications. And shooting photos have just been leaked. Which is a common occurrence before a product launch. The leak comes from a reliable source. Which means the information is most likely accurate. Therefore, and it’s something industry. Watchers will be looking at over the next few days. Leica-q-exposed Leica Q character and photo before. The official launch of leaked rumors This is the Leica Q.

The announcement Leica is developing a compact

The focus settings of the lenses in question. This way, photographers and videographers get. The superior focus control normally Industry Email List found in professional cinematography products. The manufacturer confirmed that the optics also offer. The announcement  single focus capabilities to. Users of Anamorphot adapters. SLR Magic promises that the Rangefinder Cine. Adapter brings manual. Therefore,  cine focusing capabilities to conventional optics. This device will also be showcased at Cine Gear Expo 2015. While its release date is set for Q3 2015 and its price is set. Therefore, at $599. Leica is working on a new compact. Camera that will be announced in the next few days.

Fitted to some lenses to override

Its diameter is about 72 mm and length is 82 mm, while its weight is 620 grams. The product is scheduled to be available in AZB Directory the 3rd quarter of 2015 at a price of . Slr-magic-rangefinder-cine-adapter SLR Magic Announces. Therefore, HyperPrime Cine 50mm T0.95 Lens. News and Reviews The Rangefinder Cine Adapter brings the capabilities of manual. Cine focusing to regular autofocus optics. The Rangefinder Cine Adapter offers a unique focus for. Anamorphot owners among others. Therefore, The second product revealed by. SLR Magic today is called the Cine Rangefinder Adapter. Furthermore, the accessory is described as. A special optical product with built-in focus capabilities.

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