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 Ahrefs’ Free Rank Checker SEO never ends and you have to monitor how well your website is ranking for your target keywords. This can be done by manually Googling each keyword. but may not be accurate since Google personalizes search results. This will also take time as the number of keywords you target increases. A better way is to run your query through our free ranking checker . which will not only show you where you are in the SERP. but also show you a SERP overview of the top three search results. Ahrefs’ free ranking check tool Additional metrics can be very helpful in determining search intent – ​​if you rank beyond the top three. FURTHER READING Most Important SEO Keyword Types .

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Free SEO WordPress Plugin by Ahrefs Your article may rank high for a while. but over time. the ranking may drop. If so. revisit it to see what went wrong and improve your content. To do this. run a content audit. Our free SEO WordPress plugin automates content audits to help uncover underperforming and well-performing Whatsapp Mobile Number List pages on your site and understand your overall content health score. Free WordPress SEO plugin by Ahrefs . do nothing. update. merge. exclude. rewrite. FURTHER READING How to conduct a content audit in final thoughts Ahrefs’ free SEO tools should provide enough insight to jump-start your SEO process even on a tight budget. When your rankings and search traffic start to improve. you can always choose one of our paid plans to get a complete view of your organic search and backlink profile. keyword rankings.

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And more. me on Twitter . Translator. Li Yuankui. founder of SEO Breakdown Tea BlogThe only three keyword monitoring tools you ne By Mateusz Makosiewicz Updat October . min read Mateusz Makosiewicz Mateusz Makosiewicz Marketing researcher and ucator at Ahrefs. Mateusz has over years of marketing experience AZB Directory in promotional agency. SaaS and hardware businesses. Usually I like to compose music or enjoy long walks. content Rank Tracking Tool Mia monitoring tools Popularity trend tracking tool Keyword monitoring includes two aspects. One is to track the ranking of pages in search results. and the other is to monitor the occurrence of certain keywords on the website and social mia.

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