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When prepar an image to promote a webinar, put the host’s image on it to provide the topic date of the session. Include information in the event description about key points participants will learn dur the webinar. Take a look at the sample images we have prepar to promote our webinar on social mia. Promote the webinar on social mia. How long does it take to promote the event? It doesn’t matter if the webinar takes weeks or weeks as most people start at the beginn. Register in the last week before. If the webinar will be the only event you register for at a given time, please start the promotion approximately two weeks before the event. Plan to send approximately emails. for the entire database for groups of recipients who open the mail but did not register for the webinar.

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Also send the last message before the webinar to the part that end up not register for the event. Usually most people join the webinar after the last message. Use it to increase the number of registrations prepare special offers for webinar participants only. For signups a free ebook with a short personal consultation from an expert or a Solomon Islands B2B List great discount on a product or service. Try the password to sign up get the guide for free. You can also surprise your audience with promotions that you share at specific times in the meet. If the primary goal of your webinar is not to sell but to ucate attendees, you can share a record of the webinar with them via email so that those who cannot attend the meet can also watch.

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I show you an example scenario for an email market campaign that promotes a webinar: Send an email to the entire or select recipient population 2 weeks before the webinar 2 days before to send an email to AZB Directory those who did not open the previous email . Choose a different message topic Days ago Write another letter to those who haven’t read your message Days ago Reminder email to subscribers Send a final reminder hours before the event.

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