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Additional important role is playe by Internet monitoring and easy access to key mentions in its development. We combine these two facts and we have for you a new, improve Brand24 mobile application available for Android and iOS -. Download the free Brand24 App What will you find in the application? The new application is not only faster, more intuitive and has a refreshe layout, but also has key functionalities of our tool transferre to mobile devices, such as: new account registration, creating new projects, access to mentions, receiving notifications.

The mobile application

Therefore, if you cannot use your laptop at the moment, will be a great solution, because it will give you access to the main functionalities necessary for monitoring. How it’s working? Download our free app. Log in to your account (or create a new one if phone number list you don’t already have one). Take a look around – we’ve made some changes there. Create a project that you want to monitor – add keywords, require, exclude and set the language filter. Set push notifications to be able to react immeiately to new entries. And then just manage projects -. That’s it! Why is it worth using the Brand24 mobile application.

Phone Number List

Always have monitoring at your fingertips

You practically never part with your smartphone, right? Therefore, by downloading the Brand24 application, you can always have Internet AZB Directory monitoring with you. Something important happene in your industry and you are not at the computer? You will set up a new project at the right moment directly from the mobile application. Are you on the road or in a meeting? Get notifications of new results on your smartphone to know what’s going on in your business.

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