A origins of the business

Not just computers but including models Because nowadays, people use mobile phones as the main device for communicating and finding various information. supports multiple platforms will help your website to be friendly to visitors. is simple Making a sitemap of the website should not be complicat, easy to find, with examples of menus or topics that should be: main page, about us, services, products, contact us, if more content is ne, it should be organiz into categories for easy user search. There should be a menu or topic on and the bottom of each web page Use only – primary colors.

The story is possible

Choosing the right colors and harmonizing Namibia Email List with the design. Should choose no more than – main colors and use light, mium or dark gradations to accompany the website. in order not to cause viewers to feel conflicts in looking The choice of colors must suit the type of business as well as the brand identity requirements. impress The home page of a website is the most important page. It shows who you are, what you do, and how you can respond to your visitors. The first page should introduce company information, various services, or what we want to offer.

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In terms of the origins

To build cribility bas on the value AZB Directory of the website audience and the benefits that will be obtain from your products or services. Not just the first page, but other pages as well. Writing content that is friendly and able to reach the feelings of the website audience. will make a good impression ever Create a story to tell Every business wants viewers to come back to visit our website always. So creating a story (Storytelling) should be us as one of the strategies for making a website. That story should be relevant to what we do.

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