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Activities, such as creating a distinctive statue that moves. Painting or painting the corridors Indoor Guerrilla Marketing or in-store advertising or marketing activities mall office building various ucational institutions Guerrilla Marketing attack by events by promoting products or services at sporting events various concerts which is secretly slick into without permission from the owner of the work Guerrilla Marketing Experiential It combines all forms of Guerrilla Marketing strategies that allow people to participate in various activities.

Always check the weaknesses

Suitability of Guerrilla Marketing If you look Ireland Email List at the concept of guerrilla marketing (Guerrilla Marketing), then it may seem suitable for brands or small businesses (Small Business) that do not spend a lot of advertising budget. And create a trend or make it talk. that may not be suitable for brands or big businesses Because many times, doing Guerrilla Marketing can have negative results that can affect a wide range of people because doing Guerrilla Marketing usually involves a large group of people. A place that is always public which may be contrary to regulations Including it can cause inconvenience until it becomes annoying and can negatively affect the brand or business.

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Of the product or service

With careful planning and creative AZB Directory thinking Being a large organization with a large budget and manpower It can create phenomenal advertising and marketing activities with Guerrilla Marketing strategies that are quite impressive. Instagram counts as one social network. The top-rat mia in the world including in Thailand with over billion users.quivalent to total annual sales of $ million. things to focus on strengthen the product and must always develop to be better than competitors Always maintain leadership Constantly developing products and services Build long-term partnerships in all aspects Focus on value rather than focus on price.

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