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We are implementing a strategy of “pushing” bad reviews from high positions. This is a service with a proprietary customer panel for effectiveness analysis. What effect can you expect? Reucing the visibility of negative opinions by up to 80% – explains Sebastian Kopiej. It’s important to implement it at the right time. Should you implement it now? Answer yourself a few questions: Are you facing a crisis of trust among customers? employees keep leaving? Is it difficult for you to rebuild the tarnishe image of your company? sales still falling? competition accuses your company of dishonesty.

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If you answere yes to at least one question, it’s time to get starte. Option 3: PR campaign supporting employer branding A good employer analyzes the candidate’s path. Thanks to the image campaign, you will decide what will be the first point database of contact of the candidate with your brand. Therefore, it is worth appearing in the minds of a potential employee on your own terms. By showing him the benefits of choosing your company, as well as presenting the arguments “for” joining your team. The Internet is a powerful meium that cannot be underestimate when running a business.


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False information, fake news about your company can affect the company’s image. This, in turn, will translate into recruitment effectiveness or sales results. Nowadays, anyone can write an unflattering opinion about your brand. And maybe AZB Directory that’s what he’s doing right now? Don’t be defenseless. Fight for her good name.External PR – what do you know about it? November 19, 2021 PR external PR Bill Gates once said that he would spend the last dollar of his marketing budget on PR. What is external PR? And why is it worth taking care of? External PR tools External and internal PR External PR is about creating a positive image of the company in its environment.

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