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Long term valueterm results, such as interviews with experts in various fields. Creating content relat to teaching or giving advice Talking about the history of the past Or even doing Q&A content. Evergreen content may not be able to arouse interest in the short term like topical content, but it has a good effect on SEO in the long term. Both Topical Content and Evergreen Content are different but have their own benefits. Let’s ask each other questions about what kind of content our brands should use. The answer lies in the marketing objectives of our brand.

Emotional to the purchase decision

Ad who is our target group before deciding to Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List create content that hits the heart? If we see the whole picture We will see what kind of content is suitable for our brand. Some brands may be a good fit for Topical Content, some may be a good fit for Evergreen Content, and sometimes both are possible.Making content or content (Content) is the most important thing in marketing in this era. No matter how many brands have good products or services. How much good content is there, but if able to create the right content format to communicate with the right target audience.

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Matrix it also describes

It may waste time and budget in AZB Directory marketing. Using a tool call Content Matrix can help us see the appropriateness of content formats that are suitable for both types of businesses. target group including the purpose of communication that can be us to plan content marketing effectively Content Matrix The Content Matrix consists of two dimensions, looking from left to right as a consumer’s purchasing decision process. From the creation of awareness (Awareness) to the purchase of products or services (Purchase). In another dimension, if looking from the top down, is the purchase decision that relates to emotions.

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