Almost 40% of workers believe that the social purpose of their workplace is not linked to the staff

Social purpose of companies: a concern that employees are addressing through volunteering. Volunteering has become a way to align this incongruity.  Allowing collaborators to participate in changes at a social level and strengthen linked to the staff ties of camaraderie and belonging. According to a study recently carried out by the personalized protection platform with benefits and social impact. Betterfly , together with Criteria. In which Almost 40% of workers believe that the social purpose of their workplace is not linked to the staff. Employees in Latin. America were surveyed, 42% indicate that their company explicitly declares a purpose beyond income generation but this figure drops when it comes to the congruence between the company’s purpose and the staff, reaching 38%. One of the ways in which companies can contribute to having a positive and common impact with their teams is through volunteering.

“This focus on shared value highlights the importance.

That companies and organizations give to social commitment, becoming a tool to strengthen their internal cultures and contribute to the well-being of society,” explains Betterfly’s Strategy and Impact Manager, Joao Figueira .But how can volunteering B2B Email List impact the work environment and employee satisfaction with their workplace? The following benefits emerge from the study:At Betterfly, we recognize the importance of corporate volunteering as a catalyst for a vibrant and engaged company culture. We are proud to foster initiatives that not only positively impact communities, but also strengthen internal ties and cultivate a sense of shared purpose,” concluded Figueira.

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Tangible Culture Benefits

Corporate volunteering not only creates a positive impact on the communities they serve. Also plays a critical role in developing a strong organizational culture. Participating in altruistic activities, employees experience an increase in job satisfaction, fostering a positive and motivating work environment collaboration and commitment: It creates bonds that transcend daily work functions. This shared experience AZB Directory  nurtures team spirit, promoting an environment where the company’s core values ​​are lived out in a tangible way. Create meaningful connections: By coming together to contribute to the well-being of the community, employees establish meaningful connections beyond the work environment. These connections translate into stronger relationships at work, improving communication and cohesion within the company. Social commitment as a business pillar.

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