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Customer at every point along the journey. contact points Before purchase touchpoints website Social Mia Reading Customer Reviews or Testimonials Directory of products Advertise both online and offline. promotional promotion public relations different forms of marketing shop, department store Advertise in a shop or department store. word of mouth Events held in shops or department stores content creation through various mia Participating in various community-bas activities Points of contact during the purchase (During Purchase) Websites (E-Commerce.

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Showroom or shop format Product demonstration Colombia B2B List video salesperson involvement sending messages product review product catalog Advertising at the point of sale Points of contact after purchase (After Purchase) Thank you card or email Opinion and satisfaction surveys Receipt Validity product packaging form Customer service center, both in the form of a service shop or online After sales support team presenting new promotions Customer Loyalty Program CRM system for customer relationship management connect each touch point Once you can identify which touchpoints your customers interact with your brand.

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Must bring each touch point to be AZB Directory plac according to the time that will occur Which must consider the processes and steps of the customer in the purchase process of each person using the following simple principles: Step : Getting customers to know your brand to make customers feel familiar with our products and services Step Make customers want to come to buy products or ask for details of your products. Step Start the sales process. To ensure that customers buy your products. Step Make customers come back to buy again and tell others to know. Improve each touchpoint over time. By being able to identify each customer’s touchpoint, This is just the beginning for customers to get to know your brand. But to create a good experience.

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