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Decision consists of steps: JW Creating awareness (Awareness) through advertising, social mia, event Consideration (Consideration) through E-Books, websites, articles, SEO Purchase (Purchase) via storefront, application, online ordering, salesman Customer retention (Retention) through discount coupons, emails, salespersons, product reviews Support and spread the word (Advocacy) by posting through social mia websites. various reviews or word of mouth What is a Customer Journey Map ? Customer Journey Map or customer journey map, which is a visual representation of the customer experience with you.

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It helps tell the story of your customer’s experience Falkland Islands B2B List with your brand from the earliest stages to building long-term relationships. In the beginning it was quite simple, we just present the product and people bought it. But if delving into details, the journey of the customer is quite complex and diverse. Your customers can connect with your business in many different ways. And they don’t start from the same starting point, such as marketing activities, Google search, social mia, customer service centers. Different types of advertising campaigns So mapping the customer journey ensures that your business doesn’t miss any touchpoints or experiences along the entire customer journey.

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Why do you ne a Customer Journey AZB Directory Map ? The purpose of mapping the customer journey is to understand what the customer nes to go through. To improve the quality of customer experience, ensure that the experience across all touchpoints and channels is as smooth as possible. Understanding the customer journey will help Get an overview view of the entire customer journey. It helps us see where our customers come into contact with us. Allowing us to see the perspective from outsiders, resulting in future sales benefits. There was a brainstorming session to help each other solve.

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