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Of customers. And, of course, in the end, they will become loyal customers. That results in support and telling others to use our brand. I have gather information from consumer research to see what exactly customers really want from a brand. purpose-driven brand That aim is to drive with the aim of creating value for customers, society, environment, as well as supporting beliefs in various fields. and promises made to customers such as the use of natural raw materials that do not affect the environment Donations for the poor Focusing on transparency in doing business And whenever a brand fails to meet the goals or promises it made in the first place.

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Customers have the opportunity to Brazil WhatsApp Number List immiately reject those brands. Expressing value in customers Although brands focus on the nes of customers or consumers. in delivering goods or services that try to create value in the minds of consumers But customers also want to show the value gain from their favorite brands through social mia or other channels, such as brands with eco-friendly products. When customers buy it, they want to show people that we are people who love the world. If the brand can create activities to engage customers in expressing themselves through various channels.

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It will not be difficult to become a AZB Directory Brand in Mind. The brand looks more human. No one wants to communicate or talk to machines. computer or robot Customers want relationships that go beyond buying a product or service. but also looking to be a good friend having emotions or feelings like a friend Always be sincere This is the concept of creating a new brand that must be as human as possible. be a good friend Everyone has a problem.

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