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Of a marketer. Keeping track of various industry news and creating content that is appropriate and link to our business. And sharing it will make readers have a positive attitude with our content. put some fun into it Even though our business is serious. But when it comes to creating content, you should relax a little by using friendly words, being friends, finding pictures or stories that create fun without stress. Let’s post some from time to time. Use Video Content Video has quickly become a popular content format in the online world.

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There are many research results both Austria B2B List domestically and internationally that Video content can generate more than % of the traffic on the Internet and can also generate viral, so using video content as one of the content strategies. It’s really interesting. Surviving in today’s business is difficult. Because with the emergence of many competitors in the market and everything is more open Along with the advent of the Internet, social mia is almost % digital and with these factors we ne to find different points in brands, products and services or do something new to extend our business in the long run.

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Product differentiation strategies

Marketing strategy that emphasizes AZB Directory differentiation. also known as Differentiation Strategy is an essential strategy in today’s competitive environment. Let’s see that. An example of a differentiation strategy. What’s up? differentiat by innovation or technology If we can make a difference by bringing technology or innovation to use in the product. or creating new products will make us become the market leader immiately Because we can use both technology and innovation. must go through the research and development process that uses a relatively high budget The ones we can clearly see are Apple and Google.

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