Subway and Coca Cola join forces in recycling

In just four days, 68 kilos of were at the .PET recycling Share Subway and the Mexican Coca Cola Industry IMCC, join forces in a waste recycling program  UnMundoSin . Residuos, in which all bottles  in fast . The circular economy is a joint effort between several organizations. Where each one does their bit to generate less waste and recycle. The waste that is  to give it a new use, making it the largest food grade PET plant in the world. world. Surely you are  Plastic recycling meets quality and safety .

What does PETStar do

It is the largest food grade  recycling company in the world and an. Example of a circular  economy, millions of bottles are  and with high hygiene standards to generate new bottles. Only transparent and blue bottles, such as those of the Coca Cola. Family, are ideal for correct recycling, however  Phone Number List of any brand reaches this plant through thousands of scavengers, which shows that 6 out of 10 bottles arrive to this plant. The recycling program at Subway is already in Quintana. Mexico City and the State of Mexico . Outside the establishments located in these states, special baskets have been placed to store.

The union of two great companies

 The bottles and take them for recycling. The program has had such a good result that in just four days 68 kilos of . PET were  which is equivalent to bottles that have already been  to be  again and contribute to the circular  B2B Fax Lead economy. These results leave a clearer outline of how we can collaborate together with consumers and motivate them to join the recycling dynamic of PET bottles. Patricio Caso, director of Public. Affairs, Communication and Sustainability at México. You may be in: plastic bottles, the strategy of the moment. Adding results in favor of recycling The program is in the first stage, where a .Collection of bottles is  which is equivalent to kilos only in 10 restaurants where the program is .

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