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Content written by people or machines Google also removed a few words that clearly reiterated its stance on using AI to help produce content. Google removed the words “written by people” and just wrote “helpful content created for people in search results.” Here are before and after screenshots: Before After So humans do not need to fully write the content for that content to be considered helpful according to Google’s helpful content system. Self-assess your content if hit If you think this last helpful content update negatively impacted your site, Google said you should self-assess your content. Google added, “If you’re producing helpful content, then you don’t need to do anything; in fact this system may be good for your site, as it is designed to reward helpful content.

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You suspect may be related to this system (such as after a publicly-posted ranking update to the system), then you should self-assess your content and fix or remove any that seems unhelpful,” Google added. Reviewed by experts Google updated the creating helpful content document to add “or reviewed” to this line Lebanon Mobile Number List of text “Is this content written or reviewed by an expert or enthusiast who demonstrably knows the topic well?” under the experise questions section. This again is not new information from.

Google has been saying it is helpful

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To have your content reviewed by an expert, if you are not an expert on that topic. Changing dates of content One of my personal pet peeves is when sites. Change the dates or even worse, do Singapore Phone Number List not list. Dates, on their news content. Google added this line. Are you changing the date of pages to make them seem. Fresh when the content has not substantially changed?” under the avoid. Creating search engine-first content section. We see it all the time. Where sites will make a couple of changes to their content from. Years ago, update the date, and republish it. This is a common SEO “strategy” that is on Google’s radar.

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