Rational In the Content

Our page trends Keeping up with trends is one of the qualities of a marketer. Keeping track of various industry news and creating content that is appropriate and link to our business. And sharing it will make readers have a positive attitude with our content. put some fun into it Even though our business is serious. But when it comes to creating content, you should relax a little by using friendly words, being friends, finding pictures or stories that create fun without stress. Let’s post some from time to time. Use Video Content Video has quickly become a popular content format in the online world.

Emotional to the purchase

There are many research results both domestically and internationally that Video content can generate more than % of the traffic on the Internet Cyprus WhatsApp Number List and can also generate viral effects. Therefore, using video content as one of the content strategies It’s really interesting. Making content or content (Content) is the most important thing in marketing in this era. No matter how many brands have good products or services. How much good content is there, but if able to create the right content format to communicate with the right target audience? It may waste time and budget in marketing.

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Decision with reason

Using a tool call Content Matrix can AZB Directory help us see the appropriateness of content formats that are suitable for both types of businesses. target group including the purpose of communication that can be us to plan content marketing effectively Content Matrix The Content Matrix consists of two dimensions, looking from left to right as a consumer’s purchasing decision process. From the creation of awareness (Awareness) to the purchase of products or services (Purchase). In another dimension, if looking from the top down, is the purchase decision that relates to emotions.

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