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To provide the best to customers by creating a good experience with the brand according to the following guidelines Keep things simple , create great experiences. should not be complicat should be present simply Easy to understand and meet the nes of customers as much as possible. is appropriate creating a good experience It must be appropriate to the context and channels that the customer is interest in. relevant creating a good experience must be.

The journey of the customer

Relat to customer nes or what customers Ecuador B2B List expect Meaningful, good experience It must offer something that is valuable and useful to customers. Attractive, creating a good experience must try to get into the minds of customers and can deliver what customers want constantly reviewing Customer touchpoints are not something that can be done all at once. But it is one of those strategies that requires planning and figuring out how to fill each touchpoint. that you ne to sit and review and check from time to time Because every day.

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Before making a purchase

There may be new customer groups and AZB Directory new touchpoints occur all the time. But the most important thing is to improve the customer experience with the brand even further.What is Customer Journey? The customer journey or customer journey is the experience that customers have with our brand. Through interactions across channels and touchpoints throughout the customer lifecycle. Most companies use multiple channels to communicate with their customers such as website, email, social mia to create a good customer-to-company experience. Managing customer journeys is critical to rucing operating costs. directly affects customer satisfaction Until the support of our products or services.

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