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To promotions or joining in the fun to win various prizes If there is a like, press share or comment or even press to follow our page Take advantage of new trends Keeping up with trends is one of the qualities of a marketer. Keeping track of various industry news and creating content that is appropriate and link to our business. And sharing it will make readers have a positive attitude with our content. put some fun into it Even though our business is serious. But when it comes to creating content, you should relax a little by using friendly words, being friends, finding pictures or stories that create fun without stress.

Neuromarketing It focuses on

Let’s post some from time to time. Use Video Croatia WhatsApp Number List Content Video has quickly become a popular content format in the online world. There are many research results both domestically and internationally that Video content can generate more than % of the traffic on the Internet and can also generate viral, so using video content as one of the content strategies. It’s really interesting. That has been for many decades. talking about how the human brain works Including the subconscious mind in responding to various types of stimuli, both visual and sound by studying the working system of the human brain.

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Able to catch brain waves Catch signals AZB Directory and eye movements. It gives marketers insight into what customers think. and what makes customers remember and can be further develop in making various types of mia That really works for customers without having to spend a lot of budget like in the past and many companies have adopt the approach Neuromarketing to be appli in various processes packaging design and advertising campaigns The true benefit of Neuromarketing as you already know.

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