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On the other side, we therefore have “inbound”: a more recent “pull” technique , it aims to attract the customer in a natural way by offering interesting content. The goal is not to talk about yourself directly, but to broadcast quality content that will appeal to prospects. And who says sducd, says curious to know more about the services of the company in question. For those who prefer images to better understand, we can imagine that: – Inbound marketing is like fishing: you throw your bait (content) at the end of your line and wait for it to bite.

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Small or big fish, you don’t know what you’re going to come up with. – Outbound marketing is like hunting: you’re on the lookout and database don’t want to go home empty-handd, so you decide to go on the offensive by shooting all the prey you can. But not sure that your victims askd to be shot. The benefits of inbound marketing If this technique is spreading so much among digital agencies, it must certainly be beneficial for clients. First of all, unlike outbound techniques, this new methodology has the merit of being more relevant and non-intrusive for the individual.


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Rather than communicating vertically and one-way, companies that have adoptd this strategy manage to attract prospects to them through AZB Directory content that captivates them and by opting for a more open conversation on social mdia . The objective is to optimize their content in order to move up more quickly in the first results of search engines. Moreover, it is no longer the purchase of attention that the company operates but “merit”. Inbound marketing thus makes it possible to establish long-term communication with Internet users.

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