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A in developing products to meet the nes of target customers, can also. Persona to design content or various mia such as websites or applications as well. Social mia or social mia means making websites or applications design to share or pass on content easily and quickly in real time. Many people define social mia as applications on mobile phones or tablets. But actually it is a communication tool that start entirely from computers. Made for people to use various tools through applications. The real feature of social mia is photo sharing.

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Commenting presentation of events And Cameroon WhatsApp Number List others in an instant (Real-time), which completely chang the way of life and doing business. Until becoming one of the marketing strategies that can be clearly measur. Today I have includ social Mia that are popular to use for you. Facebook Facebook Logo The world’s largest social networking site and application. with more than billion active users per month who can create a network between friends People involv in posting, discussing and changing opinions. online sales business promotion.

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Both in the form of a company and AZB Directory private through advertising in various forms that Facebook has And you can’t deny that it helps you get notic quickly. And anyone who doesn’t have Facebook is consider outdat for this era. Facebook’s features can be done in both simple text typing. video upload Live video shooting via Facebook Live and making stories that are online sellers and companies ever. YouTube YouTube Logo When it comes to the best video platform, no one is familiar with YouTube, where billions of hours of video are watch every day. You can create a private channel as either your own or a corporate model. To promote your brand, products or services.

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